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Corteco semmerring

The CORTECO brand has a history which stretches back more than 80 years: the CORTECO brand was first registered as a product trademark for radial shaft seals in Italy in 1932. These seals were manufactured and distributed in Italy by a partner of the Freudenberg Group. Interestingly, "CORTECO" has been used synonymously with "radial shaft seal" in the Italian language ever since - similar to the brand "Simmerring" in German. CORTECO today is a modern international suppliers and employs more than 550 people. The 13 sites are located in Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain and Spain as well as in Singapore, the USA, china, India and Brazil. CORTECO has representative offices in Russia, Polandand Serbia.

Quite often the small components, which are invisible to the driver, are those which have a major influence on the ride comfort of the vehicle. When a limousine offers a steady and safe ride despite high speeds and bumpy roads, it is in no small part due to highly sophisticated vibration control technology - one of CORTECO's fields of expertise. The IAM specialist offers a wide range of products for more than 27,500 vehicle applications.

CORTECO offers its customers a wide range of more than 700 different types of filters which cover the majority of models in Europe. Freudenberg develops, designs and produces the approved micronAir© cabin air filters and sells them to car manufacturers all over the world. More than half of all new cars are equipped with a micronAir© cabin air filter.

Original spare parts for trucks and buses and trailers CORTECO can be found in stores "AVTOAKTIV" LTD.

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