CRAFT bearings LV in Avtoaktiv Ltd

Craft parts for bearingsFrom the moment of CRAFT bearings establishment in 1992 the main kind of activity of the company has been the production and sales of industrial bearings. Shareholder’s meeting has made the decision to start the production of absolutely new product – hub bearings for commercial transport. As a result of fruitful seven-years work in this direction, and thanks to successes and significant increase of hub bearings sales volumes – it had been advisably to create the independent enterprise, which would be engaged only in production and sale of automobile group bearings.  Consequently CRAFT bearings LV has been created, the subsidiary of CRAFT bearings. Our aim is the delivery of qualitative products under affordable price. At the disposal of the company there is well-developed logistics system. In different countries the company is represented by subsidiaries and trading partners- distributors. CRAFT products are delivered to the Baltic States, Europe and other countries.

Today CRAFT bearings LV emphasis the following types of production: conic roller bearings; repairing sets for hubs of commercial transport; hub block-bearings; bearings for transmissions.

Bearings for trucks, buses, trailers and semi-trailers CRAFT bearings LV can be found in stores "AVTOAKTIV" LTD.

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