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Lema gaskets

LEMA has been a worldwide leader since 1969 in the manufacturing and provision of top quality rubber-metal spare parts and gaskets for all major European brands of lorries and buses (Iveco, Man, Mercedes, Scania, Volvo VI, Daf, RVI, Astra, Breda and Menarini), with an unbeatable level of quality including in terms of its quick delivery terms throughout the world (often within 24 hours), its services and business support.
Throughout its forty year history, LEMA has gained experience and know-how in the sector of manufacturing rubber-metal and gaskets for all European trucks, buses and trailers (ASTRA, DAF, IVECO, MAN, VOLVO V.I., SCANIA, VOLVO V.I., MERCEDES BENZ, RENAULT V.I., BREDA-MENARINI, IRISBUS, NEOPLAN, BPW, ROR-MERITOR, SAF, VIBERTI), and has become an international leader in the aftermarket spare parts sector for industrial vehicles.

In accordance with the TÜV, all the production stages are subject to close quality control using advance technology, in order to offer products whose quality is equal to OE spare parts, in compliance with European directives on quality control and with international safety requirements.

Quality spare parts for trucks, buses and trailers LEMA - ITALY can be found in stores "AVTOAKTIV" LTD.

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