MonarkDiesel GmbH & Co. KG in Avtoaktiv Ltd

Monark injection

MonarkDiesel GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Hamburg in 1951. Manufacturer of precision-engineered equipment injectors. The products are available in several leading manufacturers of cars, trucks and engines for many years. To meet the requirements of customers and the market, their product range is constantly updated and expanded. All production processes in MonarkDiesel Act in accordance with the standards of quality management - System ISO 9001:2000.

MonarkDiesel produce diesel injection equipment in accordance with the specific directives. These directives are constantly updated, so meet the requirements of the market. Mainly manufacturer  throttling pintle nozzles, hole-type nozzles, nozzle holders, pump elements. Quality spare parts Monark compared to the quality of original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Today MonarkDiesel is a modern manufacturer represented in stores Avtoaktiv LTD. Supply of quality spare parts to our customers is our guiding task.

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