Quality policy of “Avtoaktiv” Ltd.

Certificate Avtoaktiv Ltd.Quality policy

The mission statement of “Avtoaktiv” Ltd. declared by senior management to provide customers with spare parts and accessories for trucks, trailers, semitrailers and buses, which fully satisfy the requirements and needs.

“Avtoaktiv” Ltd. has been engaging in carrying out their activities in an advanced professional level by providing spare parts and consumables at competitive prices, establishing mutually beneficial relationships with its trading partners, and implementing them properly agreed terms.

“Avtoaktiv” Ltd. strives to continuously raise the level of satisfaction of its customers to examine their needs and expectations, using these data to expand its range of products.

“Avtoaktiv” Ltd. has implemented and maintains a system of quality management to comply with the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2008, and strives to improve its processes, efficiency and effectiveness.

“Avtoaktiv” Ltd. maintains a team of qualified, competent and motivated staff, who recognize the importance of their actions in terms of satisfying customers and increasing the prosperity of the company.

The implementation of this Quality Policy is provided by the incorporation of strategic and specific objectives of the company to increase customer satisfaction, quality and competitiveness of products and services.

The implementation of this declared Policy of Quality is checked for adequacy and compliance with the activities of the Organization by conducting the management review.

The management of “Avtoaktiv” Ltd. is committed to being consistent with this policy, implemented and maintained at all levels of organization.