AUGER Autotechnik in Avtoaktiv Ltd.

Auger-autotechnikAUGER Autotechnik GmbH is a German company based in Cologne. AUGER parts are designed for the following brands of trucks, buses and trailers: Mercedes, MAN, Volvo, DAF, Scania, Sauer Achsen – SAF, Bergische Achsen – BPW, Renault, Iveco, Trailor General Parts, Neoplan, Bova, Fruehauf, ROR, Kassböhrer -Setra.

Production of Auger Autotechnik offers components for the following product groups: suspension, brake systems, chassis, engines and gearboxes and steering . The brand is synonymous with quality in the market – from the production process of each component to its distribution.

The technical "know-how", innovative thinking and skills of designers and product managers are the foundation of success, using the latest CAD-CAM systems. AUGER Autotechnik GmbH products have been developed and designed after thorough consideration, then switched the production floor. Consistency in product development and innovation is achieved through active dialogue with customers.

Control in production is very specialized, as the diversity of the offered product range requires the use of many manufacturing techniques. The industry does not only use selected materials but also controlls their correct use. To meet all required criteria, all parts are certified by ISO9001.

The exceptional quality of German AUGER can be found in commercial network "AVTOAKTIV" Ltd. or make individual orders to those of us phones.

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