FRAS-LE in Avtoaktiv Ltd

Fras-LeFRAS-LE demonstartes self-proven designs and manufactures braking systems. Founded in Brazil, FRAS-LE is one of the largest manufacturers of brake systems worldwide, made ​​in America-Brazil and distributed in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. “AVTOAKTIV” Ltd. offers quality recognized worldwide with nomenclature covering 9000 numbers, the company offers a full range of products including drum and disc brake linings for heavy vehicles, aircraft, high-speed trains, industrial machinery and others. FRAS-LE manufactures friction materials with quality recognised by major companies in the OEM (OE) of vehicles in the world, as well as spare parts.

FRAS-LE are certified ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO TS 16949 and has its own center for research and development.

Web site: Fras-le