VERNET SA in Avtoaktiv Ltd

Vernet thermostats VERNET SA  has been producing thermostatic elements for more than 50 years. The company  is one of the world's leaders in this area. It's expertise and continuing quality of research justifies their position as a major supplier to the car industry and leader to most sanitary and heating installation manufacturers

VERNET SA  thermostatic elements transform calorific energy into mechanical energy using the expansion of wax from its solid state to its liquid state (heat provokes mechanical movement). There are two different types of elements : flat diaphragm and squeeze-push designs.

VERNET SA  is committed to establishing and implementing the following Quality, Safety and Environmental policies:
- Total Customer Satisfaction.
- Management of the company in compliance with mapped processes.
- Continual improvement of all indicators and processes.
- Complying with Environmental and Safety rules and regulations, as well as the prevention to improve the safety of the VERNET SA  staff and avoid environmental pollutions.

In order to further accompany the development for all its sectors of activity, VERNET SA  has implemented within its metrology department, control, measurement & test means which allow for products to be controlled analyzed & expertise all along its cycle life.

The full range of thermostats for trucks and buses VERNET SA can be found in stores AVTOAKTIV LTD.

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